Addon Mods


Vampirism Integrations

Vampirism Integrations is an addition to Vampirism that adds several compatibility to other mods, while Vampirism itself only adds support for JEI.

Godly Vampirism

This is a small addon mod which changes Vampirism's configuration to remove most of the downsides of being a vampire.


Werewolves are strong and brutal with sharp teeth and claws.
As werewolf you can live as human at day and can unleash your strength at night.


Vampires Need Umbrellas

Now vampires no longer need to fear the sun! This mod adds umbrellas that protect vampires from the sun.

Dynamic Trees  - Vampirism

This mod aims to add compatibility between Dynamic Trees and Vampirism.


This mod creates parasols and other geegaws to protect vampires from the sun.  As of now, the parasols have infinite durability.